C. Clavells (Sant Pere Màrtir) - 17800 OLOT
Remodelling and extension project for a house


We are asked to make the house grow, to give the garden an intense life and to get the attainable landscape; nothing special, almost all people have done the same in this neighbourhood of cheap houses built in the 50s in Olot. Traditionally this kind of popular remodelling, self-build and the simplicity of resources have achieved more than an architect’s order, foresight and talent. We deal with the project respecting the values of casualty and the diversity of materials and solutions, but also being faithful to rationality: we read the place and suggest two extensions and one remodelling.

The remodelling of the existing house is based on connecting different spaces, optimising the circulation and especially on recovering the original structure: an interesting system of four-pitched vaults resting on partition walls, always load-bearing.

As for the extensions, the one in the north gives a new multi-purpose space that is normally used as a garage on the ground floor and as a gym in the upper part. In the east, we spread out the building’s arm as a kitchen / porch that makes the house twirl around the garden. We understand this exterior element as the house’s parlour and we come up with these new extensions as a strategy to establish a new centre of gravity for the house.

This sum of small things gives to our clients something that cannot be paid with money; nothing special, all neighbours have been looking for the same for their cheap houses built in the 50s in Olot. We just make another house in the neighbourhood.


Photos: Marc