Vila Vella, Santa Pau
Construcció de balcó



– “I’d like to put a chair at the window to poke into birches and poplars, over this precious and longed-for river.”


– A reed seat and a back specially woven by a retired chair-maker form the neighbourhood, with reed stems coming from the riverbed. It is something that lets us sit and enjoy seeing ourselves immersed in the riverside forest, just like birds do.

– Two old wooden blinds that make the stay homelike and give us shelter and shade.

– A pair of cords tied as always that let us adjust the light and privacy moving the blinds out of our small viewpoint.

And, finally, a light structure of reinforcement steel, very taut and well-tied, it sustains the seat and the back of the chair while holding the tension of the reed stems; where our feet and those of the chair rest; it takes care of the form and the smooth falling of the blinds. Well, in the end we also had to build a balcony!


Photos: Marc