La Moixina restaurant
Mas Moixina - 17800 Olot (Girona)
Interior renovation of La Moixina restaurant


It is a nostalgic and romantic place, a source of inspiration for artists of Olot School: La Moixina. Our project is located just in the heart of this setting. We understand that the setting has to be the material of our project.

We deal with the commission to remodel the interior of La Moixina restaurant focusing on the exterior, trying to find it in every glance: we open windows from the depth of the spaces; we eliminate all opaque barriers; we build filters that do not blot out colours… With the help of materials and textures, we try to tame the landscape and bring it to the other side of the glass. And all this is stained with a discontinuous light of the underbrush.

And why are there hanging all those infinite whale skeletons that cover lamps? Phew, it’s a different story.


Photos: Marc